Changing the world. Well, at least the world of customer support.

If you’ve ever had to contact customer support, you know it’s a broken system for many companies. A simple action can turn into a lengthy wait only to be met with rude assistance from a rep. You’re left all alone to figure it out. But a growing number of teams are challenging this status quo.

As part of the customer support world, we can do better. That means…

Taking an honest look at what’s wrong.

Learning new ways and trying different things.

Fixing what’s been broken and ignored for so long.

Restoring the idea of customer support by bringing the human aspect back to the forefront.

Although we’re a pretty diverse crowd, we’re fanatical about providing great customer support.  There’s something in our DNA that loves helping out customers.

As part of the customer support community, we’re focused on one mission:

To bring humanity back to the world of customer support.

As a community, we value these things:

  • Clarity over confusion
  • Speed over lengthy waits
  • Personality over robotic replies

From the developer that answers a bug question to the designer that makes a feature simpler, each person interacts with customers in some way. That means everyone is in the business of making customers happy. To do that, Support Ops focuses on making everyone in the company better at supporting customers.

Everything at Support Ops is here to make you a little better.

Every Monday, we get together and talk about ways you can deliver a better support experience to your customers.

You’ll also find articles on how to work with customers. There’s an entire series on how to write the best feature request email. There’s an episode on hiring the right people. There’s tons of interviews with other people in the support world. All curated and created to make sure you have the best tools possible to remake what people expect with customer support.

As with all good things, this won’t be easy. Big corporations will battle against any change to their precious scripted customer interactions. But they don’t get to dictate how we work with customers.

We’ve seen a better way and there’s no going back now.