We can make the world of customer support better.

If you’ve ever had to contact customer support, you know it’s a broken system for many companies. A simple action can turn into a lengthy wait only to be met with rude assistance from a rep. You’re left all alone to figure it out.

But a growing number of teams are challenging this status quo. We’re bringing humanity back to the world of customer support.

These are the principles that guide us.

1. Customers matter. They are why you’re here. Each one chose to do business with you and can leave at any time.

2. Be honest with customers. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t hide behind corporate mumbo-jumbo or false promises. Always under-promise and over-deliver.

3. Customers are human. Let them know you’re human too. It’s okay to include GIFs and jokes in your replies.

4. Bring clarity to confusing situations. Confusion only makes things worse.

5. Give concise replies to complex problems. Most customers will be fine without the lengthy, technical answer. No matter how complex it is, keep it as simple as possible.

6. Speed is great but accuracy matters more. A fast answer means nothing if it’s 100% wrong.

Want to join forces with us?

If this sounds like you, join up with like-minded support pros in our Slack chat here. We’ll be able to work together towards a better customer support world.