Tender App Review



Tender is a great little support app with all of the features a growing support team might need. It seems to be geared toward start-up type organizations, with a minimalist design, only the features you need, and an “easy as email” feel. LIke most other similar applications, Tender replaces a simple support email address and aggregates and tracks support requests in an easy to use interface. It also offers a great Knowledge Base where users can search for answers themselves before contacting support.



Customizing the look and feel of your helpdesk with Tender is easy as well. Changing text, adding custom CSS, and using your own custom domain name are super simple. You can even integrate your own app’s login system with Tender so there’s no need for your users to create another account!



Pricing is comparable to other services available out there. It starts at $9/month with the top-tier plan coming in at $99/month. You get a free 14-day trial to test it out and kick the tires.

And one neat perk is that open source projects get a free account!

Final Thoughts

While we at Ubuntu One didn’t end up choosing Tender, I would still highly recommend it. Our needs are rather unique, so we needed something a little more robust and customizable. However, if you’re looking for a very simple, easy to use solution to get up and running quickly, you should definitely take a look at Tender.

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