Nice campaign from Freshdesk:

When CEOs actively spend time supporting customers, it gives them a reality check. We want to show executives around the world how much of a difference they could make in improving their business if they spent just one day or an hour doing support.

As a fan of the everyone on support idea, I love seeing that idea extend all the way up to the CEO. It’ll be great to see the posts from CEOs that participate.

Lame Do Not Reply Emails

My Internet provider just sent this email:

With the data security breach experienced by Target over the holidays, we know many people have been issued new credit cards in recent months. This is just a friendly reminder that if you’ve had your credit card replaced for any reason (security, expiration, etc.), you need to update your Exede account with the new information.

While I admire them looking out for me, I’m left confused. Do I need to update my card? It wasn’t involved in the Target mess but from this email, it feels like I should. Maybe?

So I go to email them and find this gem at the bottom of the email.

DNR EmailNow I have to go fill out this long support form just to get an answer. It would’ve been a lot easier if I could’ve just hit reply on that email.

Hangout #40 – Quick and Easy Support Wins

This week, we talk about a few easy and quick wins to make your customer experience better right away. There’s always low hanging branches that you can work on to make things better.

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Mayday Marriage Proposals

Jeff Bezos on Amazon’s Mayday tool:

A few of the Maydays have been amusing. Mayday Tech Advisors have received 35 marriage proposals from customers. 475 customers have asked to talk to Amy, our Mayday television personality. 109 Maydays have been customers asking for assistance with ordering a pizza. By a slim margin, Pizza Hut wins customer preference over Domino’s. There are 44 instances where the Mayday Tech Advisor has sung Happy Birthday to the customer. Mayday Tech Advisors have been serenaded by customers 648 times. And 3 customers have asked for a bedtime story. Pretty cool.

It’s cool to see that the Mayday reps are having fun with these kinds of questions. And their 9 second response time on Christmas day is pretty amazing.